Payment Options

Thrive is committed to providing access to Orthopedic & Interventional Pain Specialists through a variety of payment methods.

Most Major Insurance Plans Accepted

If your health insurance is not listed below or you have additional questions on your specific coverage, please contact us directly so we can assist you. Please note that many insurance plans require a patient co-payment at the time of their visit.

Workers Compensation

Injured at work? Thrive Orthopedic Specialists are experienced in treating a variety of work-related injuries with treatment paid for by their worker's compensation policy. There are two ways we can treat you for your work related injury:

Method 1: Authorized Treating Physician

Generally, many patients that have a work injury will first see an Authorized Treating Physician that is listed on their employer's Panel of Physicians which are posted at your place of work.

Method 2: Second Opinion / Independent Medical Evaluation (IME)

Once you have been treated by an Authorized Treating Physician, an injured worker is allowed to obtain a second opinion from a physician that may or may not be on your employer's Panel of Physicians. If you decide you would prefer to be treated by the physician that provided a second opinion, Georgia law allows you to change your Authorized Treating Physician once during your treatment.


In many instances, a patient may decide to pay out-of-pocket at our self-pay rate for our orthopedic services. Please contact us directly, and our team will be happy to discuss our self-pay option with you.

Med Pay

Thrive accepts Med Pay to cover your orthopedic services. Med Pay is an auto insurance add-on that covers expenses related to motor vehicle accidents.

Personal Injury Liens and Letters of Protection

We accept treatment on a direct lien or through a medical funding company of your choice.

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