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Shoulder Arthroscopy

What is shoulder arthroscopy?

Arthroscopy performed in our outpatient surgery center in Atlanta, Georgia is a minimally invasive surgical technique used by Thrive orthopedic surgeons to look through your joint, identify the condition, and treat accordingly. Through a small cut in your skin, the surgeon will insert a tiny camera called an arthroscope into your joint during surgery. Using images from the camera, the surgeon will be able to direct miniature surgical instruments to treat your condition. Traditionally, orthopedic surgeons have used larger incisions during open surgery. In contrast, arthroscopy allows patients to experience less discomfort with significantly reduced recovery times, often being able to return home the same day.

When should you consider a shoulder arthroscopy?

If your condition is not responding to more conservative treatment options such as physical therapy, chiropractic care, injections, or medication, our arthroscopy surgeon may recommend this minimally invasive surgery.

Major benefits include:

  • Reduced scarring
  • Shorter healing period
  • Risk of infection is reduced
  • Rehabilitation is often quicker

Shoulder arthroscopy procedure

The most common sandy springs shoulder arthroscopy procedures seen at Thrive include repairing the rotator cuff, labrum, ligaments, or dislocations. The procedure is also commonly used to remove the labrum, loose cartilage, or inflamed tissue. There are additional conditions that can be treated through arthroscopy, please contact Thrive to schedule an initial visit to start your recovery journey.

What to expect during the surgery

When you arrive for your Atlanta shoulder arthroscopy surgery, you'll be placed in the operating room so your Thrive surgeon can position the arthroscope for a good view of the inside of your joint. After positioning you, our Thrive team will remove any unwanted hair and clean the skin with an antiseptic solution. You will be covered in sterile drapes with your forearm placed in a device to keep it still.

To inflate the joint, your surgeon can inject fluid into it. This allows the surgeon to see all of the structures in your joint more easily. The arthroscope would then be inserted through a tiny buttonholed-sized puncture in your shoulder. During the surgery, fluid will flow through the arthroscope to control bleeding and keep the surgeons vision clear.

The doctor will identify the problem and treat your condition with small instruments inserted through various incisions. These small instruments allow the surgeon to cut, grip, create knot ties, suture and shave impacted areas. Once complete your small incisions will be stitched.

Generally, within 1-2 hours after the surgery, you will be sent home. Thrive requires you to have someone other than yourself drive you home to ensure your safety. 

The recovery process

Arthroscopy recovery is significantly quicker to open surgery recovery. However, it can still take weeks or months to fully recover. During your recovery process, you should expect some discomfort and pain for a few weeks following surgery. We always recommend our patients relax and apply ice to reduce discomfort and swelling. If required, you may also be prescribed pain medication. 

Often, patients may experience discomfort when laying flat and many patients opt to sleep in a reclining chair or use a pillow to prop themselves up in their bed within the first week of their recovery. When your wounds have stopped draining, you may wash, just don't soak or scrub the affected area. You will likely be given a sling or other medical equipment to help you in your recovery.

You will be required to rehab your shoulder to regain your strength and motion, usually through the help of a physical therapist.

Make Thrive your arthroscopy clinic of choice

Our board-certified orthopedic surgeon obtained a fellowship in sports medicine and has extensive experience in performing Atlanta shoulder arthroscopic surgery. We are committed to treating all patients like we would our own family and will exhaust all conservative, minimally invasive options before recommending arthroscopy to you. Contact our Thrive team today to schedule your initial consultation.

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