Reviews and Testimonials

Real reviews and video testimonials from our lovely patients at Thrive Ortho & Spine

"Dr. Karsch is the best surgeon I have ever had and I have had many! He is very very capable and very careful to study your case before making a decision. He has replaced both of my knees. Now I have to have a complete shoulder replacement from a break due to a fall. I trust his work without question. There is barely a scar on either knee! For a sugeon, his “bedside” manner is wonderful! He cares about your body like it were his own! He is willing to listen to you and uses your information to guide his decisions. His staff members are terrific. He also teaches many students about the orthopedic field. They are so lucky to have him as their teacher. He is a gracious and kind individual. I am proud to have him as my orthopedic doctor!" - M.H. - Patient Review

"If you need an Orthopedic, this is the only one you should see. I was in a car accident and saw them for my back. They were amazing!!  I was impressed each time I went. Then several months later, I fell and injured my knee and went to them again... Again, nothing but amazing care again. I've seen several providers and been to two offices. Always pleasant staff, amazing providers, and I had great results each time. They don't rush you. They answer your questions. They honestly want what's best for you......They honestly are the best of the best. I'll never see another Ortho again. I trust this very highly educated, skillfully trained, and the most compassionate staff I've ever seen more than any other doctor I've ever seen. I've had great doctors, but Thrive is just superior in every way." - D.M. - Google Verified Review

"I really love the therapy sessions and the treatment it's not at all like the previous places that I have gone. They are really involved in the healing process of getting me back to functioning. I would suggest anyone and recommend anyone to give them a try trust me you won't regret it. They are the best at what they do. Getting my knee my back and my neck back to where it was I feel 85% better now after my wreck. It is still a work in progress but I am overall satisfied with my ongoing treatment. They absolutely care about us as patients and our well-being." - C.A. - Google Verified Review

"I have had terrible back pain for years and went in to see the Thrive team. They treated me like family, scheduled me in quickly and best of all got my back pain to a point where I can go out and be active again. Thank you Thrive!" - N.P. - Google Verified Review

"Great facility, very professional and highly efficient staff.... The MA's are phenomenal and swift at doing their job, Waleska welcomes all patients with warm smile, dignity and respect. I was in and out within an hour. Talking about treatment, X-ray, and everything else, all in an hour. Highly recommended. Dr. Patel, the injection gave me another great relief and I appreciate everything you're doing to make my life gets better. Chantrice you're such a passionate manager, and you empathize with your parents. Your professionalism and dedication to what you do is beyond words to express. The treatments, atmosphere and positive attitudes of all the staff makes the journey to wholeness so pleasant. I feel save and confident that I'm in the hands of a perfect team, to achieve my goal. I'm very confident that in a month from now I'll be experiencing a significant difference. Thanks to you all for boosting up my confidence, and treatments to regain my independence and strength again." - J.K. - Google Verified Review

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