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Marietta Orthopedic and Interventional Pain Clinic: Medical Excellence, Compassionate Care

Our Marietta, Georgia orthopedic clinic understands that recovery is a journey. You don't always have to take the same road, but you need to be willing to take the next step. Our goal is to find the best treatment for you and your body. We offer a variety of services and are committed to not just treating the injury, but also providing you with the best possible care to help you live your life to the fullest.

Expert Orthopedic and Interventional Pain Care

Doctor Robert Karsch is a general orthopedic surgeon. He is known for his compassion, bedside manner, and clinical care that has helped him address his patient's injuries over the more than 25 years he has been practicing. Please note that Dr. Karsch practices under Thrive Orthopaedics LLC. Dr. Shiel Patel is a Board-Certified Anesthesiologist specializing in non-narcotic Interventional Pain and practices under Thrive Medical Partners LLC. We are committed to serving the Marietta, GA community with a variety of specialist services including:

Dr. Karsch was the former Chief of Orthopedic Surgery at Dekalb Medical and has trained countless residency students that have gone on to serve the greater Georgia community. No matter your injury, we will help you navigate your recovery process and have a positive outcome.

Conditions We Treat

Our orthopedic specialists are highly trained with extensive experience in treating patients with multiple conditions across the body. Our Marietta orthopedic clinic can treat a variety of conditions including heel pain, ankle fracture, sports injuries, ACL tear, meniscus tear, torn rotator cuff, tennis elbow, and more. We provide the highest level of care available and are dedicated to your health, well-being, and comfort.

Thrive's Commitment to Patients

Injuries can be complicated to navigate and incorrect diagnosis or aggressive medical treatment could only further aggravate a patient's condition. Our Marietta orthopedic specialists are committed to helping you understand all conservative, minimally invasive treatment options first before recommending surgery. Why go straight to surgery when physical therapy or chiropractic care in combination with minimally invasive procedures may relieve you from your injury. There is no greater commitment than treating our patients like we would our own family!

What to Expect

Your initial consultation with a surgeon is one of the most important steps in treatment. Our orthopedic specialists in Marietta, Georgia will conduct a comprehensive physical exam of the patient to determine the best course of action. The successful management of injury and injury prevention starts with proper rehabilitation. You may require imaging, lab testing and may be referred out for rehabilitation so that you can work toward maintaining your functionality and independence. Our treatment plan will be driven by your injury and the type of medical care you require to get back to your normal self.

Injured? Contact our Marietta Orthopedic Clinic Today

If you are having shoulder pain, knee pain, need to get back on your feet, or have other concerns, seek help by starting with a consultation. While we offer superior medical care, we are also committed to having a team that makes you feel at home. Together, we will empower you with a team to help you reach your goals of wellness. Call, email, or contact us on our website today. Our practice is located at 2110 Powers Ferry Road SE, Suite 100, Atlanta, GA 30339 near Cumberland, Truist Park and the Battery. You can contact us directly at 678-257-2547.

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